ARISTADA has been evaluated for safety in 1180 adult patients in clinical trials for schizophrenia1


  • In an open-label pharmacokinetic study, adverse reactions associated with the use of ARISTADA® (aripiprazole lauroxil) were similar across the 441 mg monthly, 882 mg every 6 weeks, and 1064 mg every 2 months dose groups1

Akathisia onset relative to injection number and study day2

  • Akathisia was the most common adverse reaction—incidence ≥5% and at least twice the rate of placebo in patients treated with ARISTADA in the 12-week clinical trial1
  • 2 out of 415 patients discontinued ARISTADA due to akathisia, which was not dose-related2
  • Benzodiazepines and short-acting beta-blockers were permitted for treatment-emergent akathisia as needed2

Prolactin levels at baseline and last post-baseline visit3

aBaseline prolactin: placebo: 10.1 (men), 28.8 (women); ARISTADA 441 mg monthly: 10.3 (men), 27.1 (women); ARISTADA 882 mg monthly: 10.2 (men), 25.7 (women). Normal prolactin: 4.0 to 15.2 ng/mL (men), 4.8 to 23.3 ng/mL (women).3

  • In the 12-week clinical trial, prolactin levels decreased below baseline measurements starting at day 29 through day 85 in both ARISTADA groups compared with placebo3
  • Baseline prolactin levels may have been affected by previous antipsychotic medication use prior to starting the study2
  • Patients in the clinical trial had previously established tolerability to aripiprazole, which may affect prolactin measurements4


  • In the 12-week clinical trial, mean increase in body weight from baseline to last post-baseline assessment was 0.02 pounds for placebo (n = 207), 1.6 pounds for ARISTADA 441 mg monthly (n = 207), and 1.9 pounds for ARISTADA 882 mg monthly (n = 208)3
  • The percentage of patients with ≥7% increase in weight noted at the last post-baseline visit during the treatment period was 6% for placebo, 10% for ARISTADA 441 mg monthly, and 9% for ARISTADA 882 mg monthly1


  • In the phase 3 clinical trial, overall injection-site reactions (ISRs) were reported in 2% (placebo), 4% (441 mg monthly), and 5% (882 mg monthly) of patients1
    • Of these, the incidence of pain with the first injection was 2%, 3%, and 4%, respectively, and ≤1% with each subsequent injection. Other ISRs (induration, swelling, and redness) were <1%1
  • In an open-label pharmacokinetic study evaluating 441 mg monthly, 882 mg every 6 weeks, and 1064 mg every 2 months, ISRs were similar across the dose groups1


  • In pharmacokinetic studies, the safety profile of ARISTADA INITIO® (aripiprazole lauroxil) was generally consistent with that observed for ARISTADA5
  • The most commonly observed adverse reaction was akathisia in the 12-week clinical trial for ARISTADA1,5
  • A phase 1 study evaluating the safety, tolerability, and pharmacokinetics of the two initiation regimens was conducted (N = 161). In this study, patients received 21 days of oral aripiprazole (15 mg daily dose) and one ARISTADA dose (n = 81) or one injection of ARISTADA INITIO plus a single dose of 30 mg oral aripiprazole and one ARISTADA dose (n = 80). Patients were randomized 1:1:1:1 to receive an ARISTADA dose of either 441 mg or 882 mg6
    • There were 2 cases of akathisia in the 21-day oral aripiprazole arms (2 mild cases)
    • There were 4 cases of akathisia in the ARISTADA INITIO arm (3 mild cases, 1 moderate case)
    • None of the patients experienced serious adverse events or discontinued participation in the trial due to akathisia
  • In pharmacokinetic studies evaluating ARISTADA INITIO, the incidences of injection-site reactions with ARISTADA INITIO were similar to the incidence observed for ARISTADA5

For a full list of adverse events, please refer to the full Prescribing Information for ARISTADA INITIO and ARISTADA.

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