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Alkermes has a deep history of developing proven, long-acting technology platforms

ARISTADA INITIO and ARISTADA are formulations made of aripiprazole lauroxil drug crystals1-4

  • ARISTADA INITIO® (aripiprazole lauroxil) and ARISTADA® (aripiprazole lauroxil) are created using the same LinkeRx® technology, and their metabolic conversion processes are the same.1-4 However, ARISTADA INITIO is not interchangeable with ARISTADA due to differing pharmacokinetic profiles1,2

ARISTADA INITIO was developed utilizing NanoCrystal® technology5

  • Drug crystals in ARISTADA INITIO are smaller than those in ARISTADA, allowing for faster dissolution5
  • ARISTADA was designed for slow dissolution from the injection site, providing extended release5,6

This proprietary LinkeRx® technology allows for consistent and sustained medication levels throughout the dosing period.3,6

LinkeRx® and the conversion of ARISTADA to aripiprazole

  • LinkeRx® is proprietary technology used to produce a non-ester prodrug of aripiprazole. Using this system, a linker attaches aripiprazole to a fatty acid, creating ARISTADA3
  • This covalently bonded modification of aripiprazole is likely converted in vivo by slow dissolution of the drug crystals and subsequent hydrolysis to release aripiprazole3

LinkeRx® technology allows for

  • Regulated absorption and a low peak-to-trough ratio6
  • Sustained release with an extended pharmacokinetic profile6
  • An aqueous suspension in a prefilled syringe that does not require reconstitution2

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